who we are

About Golden Horn

Our company mission is to be leading global pop snack manufacturing company in South East Asia. We want to build a company that create the new game rules in F&B industry, and let our customer be more satisfied. 

As our slogan, Make Asia More Asian. We want to create a new cinema concession culture to let Malaysian snacks food spread abroad especially Asia Pacific. Our propose is to make the foreigners think of Malaysian food as long as they are watching a movie. “Enjoy Golden Horn, Enjoy Movie Time.” has become a familiar phrase.

History of Golden Horn

GOLDEN HORN established by Mr. Jayden Lim on 1st June 2013. Mr. Jayden always said to his team that GOLDEN HORN is not a food, is more than a food. 

He tried dozens of chilies in order to know what is the best spicy level for movie time. And, he went to cinemas almost everyday to find out what the movie goer needs.

What he did is just want to provide the best movie food experience to people! 


There are a group of people love to eat and love to watch movie. Yes, we are, and we know you are as well. That are the only reason why GOLDEN HORN are here! There are no difference between us, we all wish to make our lifestyle more and more happiness. So, we just need to take a small step. A small step of accompany will be our happiness source. 


Enjoy GOLDEN time, Enjoy GOLDEN HORN.